McEntire Produce recycles, reuses or recovers most of the material that passes through its facility.

In 2018, our diversion rate reached 91% including all recycled or repurposed materials that did not go to the landfill, including: cardboard, plastic drums and totes, plastic film, scrap metal, pallets, office paper, plastic drink bottles and aluminum cans, and outdated electronics.

In 2019, our diversion rate increased to 93% with over 29 million pounds of waste diverted from landfills.

Our reusable, recyclable, and recoverable wood or plastic pallet, drums and totes program keeps over 1.5 million pounds of materials used in the transportation and warehousing of produce out of the landfill.    Broken wooden pallets are sold for repair and reuse.  Used plastic pallets, totes and drums are sold or returned for reconditioning and cleaning for reuse in the supply chain.

One way we increased our diversion rate was by meeting with our local MRF, material recovery facility, to research additional recycling opportunities. We identified additional plastic materials that can now be recycled and increased our plastic recycling by approximately 13,500 lbs.   Additionally, a new opportunity was identified to recycle waxed coated label backings, with a single load weighing in at 20 tons!

Whenever possible, finished goods are sent to the local food bank, homeless shelter or a senior home.

In 2019, over 150,000lbs of fresh produce was donated to these centers.  Organic waste not fit for human consumption is sent to a local livestock farm as animal feed.