Customer Service

We value our customer relationships and back up our quality products with excellent service.  We believe our best measure of success is the outstanding feedback we’ve received over the years.

Call us – we’re standing by at 803.744.2877.

  • “Your customer service response time is excellent! We’ve had no quality complaints and no issues with your delivery drivers.”
  • “You are the absolute best vendor I work with. You always have such a quick turnaround to make things happen. We truly appreciate you.”
  • “Everything is wonderful with our partnership. You all have done a fantastic job. You go above and beyond your job to keep [this McEntire customer] a successful business. Thank you for a job well done.”
  • “As far as the service level, everything has been fantastic for years. If I had to make a list from the best to the worst, McEntire would be right at the top!”
  • “Everything is going great and I wouldn’t change a thing. You all do an incredible job on communicating information regarding delayed trucks or inventory issues. Keep up the good work!”
  • “Your communication is excellent and I love getting my order confirmations back from so quickly from customer service! There have been no complaints with quality of product or transport so your people are doing a great job.”
  • “McEntire provides the best service in the business, and you are by far my best vendor. I wish I you could handle all of my produce orders. Your customer service department is top notch!”
  • “Deliveries are great and your drivers are always courteous. Thanks to you and your team for all that you do to make [our] service level (to our customers) great!”