Greenhouse Gas Footprint

McEntire Produce is taking action to reduce our carbon footprint.  We reduce our impact by using ammonia refrigerant in our facility and adhering to best practices in transportation.  In 2019, our transportation CO2 emissions have decreased by 9.55% since 2017.


In an effort to reduce fossil fuel consumption and Greenhouse Gas emissions, we use ozone neutral 99.98% pure refrigerant-grade ammonia to cool our entire facility.  Ozone Neutral Refrigerant Grade Ammonia:

  • Has a global warming potential of zero
  • Is more effective in smaller quantities
  • Requires less energy to cool our industrial space
  • Has a reduced carbon footprint compared to other common refrigerants
  • Has superior thermodynamic properties

McEntire Produce runs and operates its own fleet of 30 Class 8B Heavy Duty trucks.  What started as an effort to ensure low-cost transportation and logistics services for its customers, has evolved into a commitment to reducing our environmental footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving fuel efficiency, and changing policies to reduce our carbon footprint.


Our trucking fleet meets the rigorous standards to qualify as a Smartway Transport Partner, a voluntary collaboration between the Environmental Protection Agency and the freight industry.  Since 2004, SmartWay partners have saved over 280 million barrels of oil, lowered fuel costs by $37.5 billion and reduced emissions of harmful air pollutants by 134 million tons.


Our driver training promotes the importance of fuel efficiency, the impact of their behaviors on the environment, and impact on the company’s operations.  Drivers are required to stay below 5% idle time of total engine run time.  Our fleet is governed at 64 mph, and in cruise mode is increased to 68.5 mph for better fuel economy.  Omnitrac’s XRS system is installed on each truck and provides detailed information about driver habits.  Drivers receive incentives for their fuel efficiency efforts and good habits like safely achieving on time departure and arrivals.


Our dedicated trucking team uses decades of experience in route optimization along with a sophisticated software tool, Paragon, to maximize the use of vehicles.  Route optimization cuts fuel usage and eliminates return trips with empty trailers.  In 2019, over 70% of all returning trucks were loaded with contracted backhauls.


All trucks are replaced within 5 years of service ensuring our vehicles remain fuel efficient and have the most modern fuel economy and emission reducing features available on the market.  Our fleet is designed with sustainability in mind by following best practices and specifications in order to gain the highest level of fuel efficiency.