Greenhouse Gas Footprint

McEntire Produce SustainabilityMcEntire Produce is taking action to reduce our carbon footprint. Read below to find out more.

Trucking – Registered SmartWay Transport Partner

In 2015 McEntire Produce’s trucking fleet achieved the rigorous standards to qualify as a Smartway Transport Partner.

In doing so, we will contribute to the program’s savings of 144.3 million barrels of oil, 61.7 MMT of carbon dioxide, 1,070,000 tons of nitrogen oxides and 43,000 tons of particulate matter.

As owner operators of our own trucking fleet, we are in a unique position to positively impact our transportation carbon footprint. In 2012, we initiated the following upgrades to improve our fuel economy and emissions.

  1. SmartWay certified fuel efficient Freightliner tractors – We’re modernizing our entire fleet with the addition of several Freightliner tractors
  2. Super Singles – As old tires wear out, we replace them with super singles. These tires are twice the size of a regular tire but have the advantage of being lighter. This allows us to reduce tires from 18 per tractor trailer to10, while increasing miles per gallon.
  3. Aerodynamic skirts and dividers – We’ve installed these Smartway fuel savers on all of our trucks, reducing drag and increasing MPG.
  4. Heat packs & auxiliary power units – These units allow a driver to turn off the engine and cool a refrigerated trailer or heat a cab, saving diesel and reducing emissions.
  5. XATA XRS – Our fleet now uses the Xata tracking system on all of our trucks. This allows us to analyze detailed information about driver habits, incentivizing drivers with the lowest MPG.
Since 2012, we’ve seen:
  • 33% increase in MPG across our entire tractor trailer fleet
  • 188,171 gallon reduction in annual diesel consumption
  • 1,910 metric ton CO2 emissions reduction annually

In addition to our efforts to reduce fossil fuel consumption, we use ozone neutral 99.98% pure refrigerant-grade ammonia to cool our entire facility.

Ozone Neutral Refrigerant Grade Ammonia:
  • Has a global warming potential of zero
  • Is more effective in smaller quantities
  • Requires less energy to cool our industrial space
  • Has a reduced carbon footprint compared to other common refrigerants
  • Has superior thermodynamic properties