McEntire Produce Announces Simply Clean

Simply Clean TechnologiesAt the center of our sustainability program is Simply Clean, McEntire Produce’s revolutionary wash system and water conservation technology.

The Benefits of Simply Clean:
  • Single-pass, ultra-pure sanitizing spray – no recirculating chemical and exudate-heavy wash water
  • Elimination of water as a media for cross contamination
  • Reduced organic load on finished product
  • More potent sanitizer delivery with less chemical usage
  • Effective on a broader range of bacteria, including gram positive organisms such as Listeria
Conservation – Our purification system is capable of:
  • Producing up to 200 gallons of purified water per minute
  • Allowing us to conserve a minimum of 50 million gallons annually
Click here to view our Simply Clean Brochure
For more information, watch the video below or click here to visit Simply Clean Technologies website.